• How much does it cost?

    PaperlessPay Corp utilizes an ROI () tool that will help us generate a comparative analysis for you. In many cases we reduce actual costs by as much as 50% over previous year’s operating expense.

  • How do we handle employees that do not have internet access?

    Most employers will give access to their employees via a room or training area that has a PC and printer available for them. Some will have their managers allow access to those employees. Anyone can gain access to a PC at a public library. Recent studies show that over 78% of Americans have a PC at home with dial up or high speed internet access at home.

  • Can you use it with any payroll software?

    PaperlessPay Corp is able to use any payroll software file.

  • Is it secure?

    PaperlessPay Corp has created the most secure and comprehensive online pay advice portal available in today’s market. Not only does PaperlessPay Corp provide technological security every step of the way, we also undergo a SSAE 16 Type II Audit each year to ensure we maintain the highest quality and security of the services we provide. To learn more, please review our security section.

  • How long does it take to setup?

    PaperlessPay Corp is able to complete the setup of a company within 45 days of receiving the items acquired during Implementation.

  • How will I transition my employees?

    PaperlessPay Corp provides marketing tools, training tools, and more. During setup we provide the necessary materials to guide the employees through the initial login as well as useful information for the administrator.

  • What if I have multiple companies?

    PaperlessPay Corp can provide services for as many companies or subsidiaries you may have.

  • "Well, THANK YOU for being the solution that we need! My gut tells me that your company provides excellent customer support and after our conversation, there's no doubt in my mind that the rollout will be smooth!"
    - Matt, IT Manager – Quinter, KS

  • "I just want to tell you that both Colleen and I love PaperlessPay. Your service is fantastic and you are all wonderful!"
    - Sherri, Payroll Administrator – Exeter, NH

  • "I would like to say that I just love using your service. It is so much quicker than printing all those copies and stuffing them into envelopes and then distributing them to the employees.
    THANK YOU for the great work you all do at PaperlessPay!"
    - Paula, Payroll Specialist – Augusta, GA