At PaperlessPay Corporation, we have created the most secure and comprehensive online pay advice portal available in today's market. It's called™.

Designed to withstand hijacking and various attacks, users access their online ePayAdvices™ through a secure HTTPS website routed through Port 443. The data is fully encrypted until it reaches the employees Internet Browser. Administrators upload their payroll files to one of our servers located behind 2 internal firewalls. All data is stored under a proprietary encryption algorithm.

Our web application and database servers that contain employee information are housed in our server environment with outward facing access gained through™ only. Housed in a Tier 4 data center located in Jacksonville, Florida, our servers reside in arguably the most secure building in all of Northeast Florida. These servers are accessed and protected by a controlled, Authorized Personnel Only card key system and are under constant surveillance by Federal law enforcement.

As we provide service to your company, we are continually evalutating our layers of security and are committed to implement the latest industry techniques and technology to protect your data. To read more about our evaluation process, see our Certifications page.

  • "Well, THANK YOU for being the solution that we need! My gut tells me that your company provides excellent customer support and after our conversation, there's no doubt in my mind that the rollout will be smooth!"
    - Matt, IT Manager – Quinter, KS

  • "I just want to tell you that both Colleen and I love PaperlessPay. Your service is fantastic and you are all wonderful!"
    - Sherri, Payroll Administrator – Exeter, NH

  • "I would like to say that I just love using your service. It is so much quicker than printing all those copies and stuffing them into envelopes and then distributing them to the employees.
    THANK YOU for the great work you all do at PaperlessPay!"
    - Paula, Payroll Specialist – Augusta, GA