Why PaperlessPay

PaperlessPay Corp believes it does not have to cost more to go green! Our company is committed to lowering your operational cost through technology and service. We take pride in our ability to provide companies with affordable quality and secure technology all at a lower cost!

  • Affordable Quality

    The technology created by PaperlessPay Corporation is worlds ahead of the competition. Because we are constantly developing ways to improve our services to you, we have developed multiple options for saving your payroll staff and employees time and money with multiple ways to access your paystubs and stay informed. For more information on how we provide your employees with more options to access their paystubs and W2s, schedule a free webinar with one of our Sales Representatives today.

  • Secure Technology

    Because we are constantly developing ways to improve our services to you, we are also improving our cost structures to ensure we can provide the best technology and services for the most competitive price. Security is no exception! PaperlessPay Corporation has created the most secure and comprehensive online pay advice portal available in today’s market. Every step of the way PaperlessPay Corp goes above and beyond to provide only the highest security possible to its client’s information on both a technical and physical stand point. We also undergo an SSAE 16 Assessment each year to ensure we maintain the highest quality and security possible for our clients. To learn more about our security, check out our Security page.

  • Less Hassle & Low Cost

    No matter how your employees choose to access their stub, they will also have access to historical stubs online at any time. That is just one hassle it eliminates. Printing payroll stubs for direct deposit employees can often consume a payroll manager’s day! PaperlessPay Corp can significantly reduce this time. Our technology and services are designed to have an immediate impact on the bottom-line and reduce operational cost while providing the client's associates a more efficient means of receiving critical information. In many cases we reduce actual costs by as much as 50% over previous years operating expense! We make using our service easy on the expense planning, easy on the budget and easy on the accounting department. Schedule a free online webinar with one of our experienced Sales Representatives for a process and cost analysis so you can see what your company will save!

  • "Well, THANK YOU for being the solution that we need! My gut tells me that your company provides excellent customer support and after our conversation, there's no doubt in my mind that the rollout will be smooth!"
    - Matt, IT Manager – Quinter, KS

  • "I just want to tell you that both Colleen and I love PaperlessPay. Your service is fantastic and you are all wonderful!"
    - Sherri, Payroll Administrator – Exeter, NH

  • "I would like to say that I just love using your service. It is so much quicker than printing all those copies and stuffing them into envelopes and then distributing them to the employees.
    THANK YOU for the great work you all do at PaperlessPay!"
    - Paula, Payroll Specialist – Augusta, GA